Sunday, January 17, 2010

SHADOWFAX: Meeting VII postponed due to make up week (trials and tribulations of using openMPI and g++ on a Fedora based cluster)

Today's Aim: g++, where fore art thou, g++?
Tonight's Reading: Building Parallel Programs, Chapter 7
This Week's Research: installing g++
Attending Thurs: JeremyA, SteveB, DevinB
This Thursday we will take stock of what we've done and what needs to be done.  For example, we got a Hello World program (hello.c) working over our Fedora based cluster using openMPI and gcc.  This is a great accomplishment!
However, when we tried to do this with C++ ( we found that g++ was not installed!  I did not realize that the 64-bit Fedora 11 CD we used for installation had GNU GCC with only gcc installed.  Usually, GNU GCC has gcc, g++, gf77, etc.  A lot of room on the CD is taken up with GNOME and Compiz.  So, we tried to yum install gcc but found the mirrors were down or missing or blocked???

Happy Clustering,

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