Monday, January 25, 2010

SAGE: Taking the show on the road! (up coming conferences and art shows)

I have several conference talks and art shows coming up: ICON 3/26/2010 Art Show & Print Shop (Science Fact & Fiction at SUNY Stony Brook)
LIMACON 4/16/2010 "Look Ma, No Calculator" (Long Island MAth CONference at SUNY Old Westbury)
PI DAY 4/17/2010 Art Show (at Suffolk County Community College Grant Campus)
T^3 11/5/2010 "Look Ma, No Calculator" (Teachers Teaching with Technology at Molloy College)
The conference talks will be based on a presentation I gave earlier this year at a Staff Development Day at my school: "Look Ma, No Calculator!"  In this presentation I'll compare and contrast how I use a TI-83/84 vs how I use SAGE in math class (see summary below).  For example, take a look at session #47.  I will also discuss my youtube channel and how I record my lessons.
The art shows will showcase the digital art prints (fractals, ray tracings, etc) my students created on our cluster, SHADOWFAX. Take a look at for the fractals and for the ray traced scenes.

"Look Ma, No Calculator" summary:  This will be a "Show & Tell" session where I show you how I teach math using technology without ever touching a calculator!  In Part I, I'll show you the old fashioned way using a TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator (or the TI-89/92 if there's interest).  If you have your own TI Graphing Calculator, please use it to follow along!  But that's SO last century...  So, in Part II, I'll show you how we do things in my classroom now-a-days using SAGE, a Computer Algebra System!  I'll leave it up to you to pick and choose any techniques you think you may want to use in your classroom.
PART I: I will record a math lesson on something simple like solving quadratic equations with a program (see  I will use Smart Recorder or Screencast-o-Matic + Smart Notebook + VTI to render the class recording as a wmv or mp4 file for uploading to my FTP site or YouTube. (30 min)  
PART II: Then we'll reboot all the PCs in Linux with the SAGE CD and show how the same lesson can be done with a Computer Algebra System.  You can follow along using your own PC! (30 min)  
PART III: In summation, I'll share my website, blog, and youtube channel, as well as my zazzle and deviantart digital art galleries.  I will also show everyone how to use with any Mozilla clone so they won't even need a SAGE CD. (15 min)  
PARTY FAVORS: Everyone goes home with my URLs (see business card below) and their very own copy of SAGE (on a live linuxCD)!

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