Saturday, January 9, 2010

ROOM429: A Little PC Classroom Remodeling after XMAS Break! (The optimal PC Classroom setup)

OK, I finally broke down and moved my whole room around ... again! 
I moved the front two rows about one foot forward.  Also, I staggered the back row so as to make room in the rear center part of the room for a Teacher Station.  Take a look at the pixs below!  Its almost a PC Podium/SmartBoard setup now.  All I need for a PC Podium is some extra audio/video/internet cables to easily hook up a laptop.  In addition, I wouldn't mind another PC in the Teacher Center so I can have one running WIndows all day and the other Linux.
(***)(***)(***)(***)          (***)(***)(***)(***)
(***)(***)(***)(***)     P   (***)(***)(***)(***)
                         (***)          (***)
        (***)(***)                           (***)(***)
(***)                                                            (***)
(***) = student "wooden" plus "pc" desktops (3ft)
TTTTT = teacher desktops (5ft)
P = ceiling mounted projector
M = marker boards
S = projector screen

Learning with Technology,

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