Wednesday, December 23, 2009

VTI in Computer Math?

Wow, I got VTI working in Linux land!  So, I'm thinking this would make for a great final project in my Computer Math class which ends soon as its only one semester long.  

I've been teaching Computer Math forever.  We've used IBM BASICA in DOS, MS QBASIC in Windows, MS VisualBASIC in Windows as well as REALbasic in Linux.  This year I used yaBASIC in Linux and thought I'd show my students how to use the skills they just learned to program their TI-83/84 Graphing Calculators for Math class!

That's where VTI comes in.  I'll set up a bash script to start VTI for each of my students to run on their Linux desktops and we'll program the TI-83/84 emulator.  I don't even have to hand out one single calculator!

Teaching with Technology, 

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