Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Radio Shack to the rescue!

Oh well, it was bound to happen!  I've been using a Radio Shack 170Mhz wireless Lapel Mic every day since I got it last January.  It has worked flawlessly that whole time.
Except, last week, the sound level was cutting in and out.  The audio in my recordings was not reliable.  Ironically, I think the wire connecting the lapel mic to the belt transmitter was coming loose since I could fix the sound level by shaking it.  Take a look at my last youtube recording, embedded above, where the second half of the recording has no sound...sorry.

So, I went back to Radio Shack.  Luckily the mic had a one year warranty and I got a whole new system for free.  Wow, Radio Shack, you are a life saver, thanx!  One little snag: even though they gave me a whole new system, they could not extend the warranty for another year.  So, if something goes wrong now, I'm only covered thru mid January.

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