Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teaching APCS: Chapter 2 Lab!

Teaching AP Computer Science: Chapter 2 Lab!

AP Computer Science finished Chapter 2 of Cay Horstmann's master work, Big Java. Chapter 2 is about OBP: Object Based programming. In other words: constructing, accessing and mutating objects of existing Java classes such as Rectangle, Color, Random and String. Next chapter will introduce OOP: Object Oriented Programming. OOP is about creating your own classes from scratch!

As you can see in our ScreenCasts and Java code below, we started Lab 2 already. We're off to a great start! Good job, guys, keep up the good work! At this rate we can cover thru Chapter 5 and start the GridWorld case study by the end of the first Quarter. That would put you ahead of last year. The labs this year will consist simply of the end of chapter exercises. I do the odd numbered problems with the students to model the kind of coding they need to know. Then, my students are responsible for the even exercises. 

Last year we wasted too much time on a lab book and chapter tests. I'm also going to do some FRQ style take home tests to save class time.

Well, that's all folks!

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