Saturday, November 5, 2011

School Week 9: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

AP Computer Science finished CH4 this past week and we started Lab 4. We are going at a really good pace. I think we should have plenty of time for review before the AP Exam! We are going to do CH5 Conditional Expressions and Predicates as well as CH6 Loops before we start the GridWorld CaseStudy. BTW, we are working through the text faster than last year as I'm not giving written unit tests... yet.
APCS Chapter 4 Exercise 4

APCS Chapter 4 Exercise 5

Computer Math started Chapter 4 on Sequences and Series. We also had contract day yesterday where we decided who is taking this class for Honors credit and who is taking this class for Regents credit. Remember, Honors students complete all Lab Exercises. Regents students need only complete half those problems in the same time frame.
CM 402 Sequences

Calculus Research Lab started Chapter 4 about General Differentiation Rules! We focused on the Product, Quotient, Power and Chain Rules. We just started the odd exercises in 4.10 and will start Lab 4.10 (even exercises) soon!
CRL 401 General Rules
CRL 410 Odd Exercises

AP Calculus BC had a MCQ Monday last week. We tried 2003 AB Part IB which is Graphing Calculator active. Then we started CH5 on Anti Derivatives. BTW, we just got a new eText for Calculus! We've been using DWFT since the 1st edition in 1995. Now we have the 6th edition on Only preCalc has a traditional text. We have to work on that.
BC 501 Anti Derivatives

BC 502 Differential Equations

BC 503 Riemann Sums I

BC 504 Riemann Sums II

PreCalculus for Seniors started CH5 on using Inverse Functions to solve equations analytically and graphically. We focused on exponential vs. logarithmic functions.
PRE 501 Inverse Functions

PRE 502 Exponential Functions

PRE 503 Logarithmic Functions

No, say it ain't so! Quarter I just ended yesterday? OMG, I can't believe we're starting Quarter II this coming Monday! Wow, here's to a great start to the year.

HTH, I hope you enjoyed this week's notes!

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