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Teaching NCC SSII M122: Week 02 - CH3 Derivative Rules!

Teaching NCC SSII M122:
Week 02 - CH3 Derivative Rules!
We had fun this week playing with the Product Rule, the Quotient Rule and the Chain Rule. Below you will find our ScreenCasts for Monday-Wednesday and associated FILKS. Today, Thursday was our 2nd test of Summer Session II (6/30-7/31)!

We went back to the difference quotient to find the derivatives of e^x, sin(x), cos(x) and tan(x). We used the chain rule in combination with the product and quotient rules. We used inverse functions and the chain rule to find the derivative of ln(x), arcsin(x) and arctan(x). We used the chain rule to differentiate implictly and touched on related rates. We even talked about parametrically defined planet orbits finding vector valued functions r(t), v(t) and a(t)!

Product Rule FILK by The Turtles?

Harvard Calc1 Chap3 Day1:

Quotient Rule FILK by The Beatles??

Harvard Calc1 Chap3 Day2:

Chain Rule FILK by Bruno Mars???

Harvard Calc1 Chap3 Day3:

Teaching NCC SSII M122:
Week 01 - CH2 Definition of the Derivative!
We had a great start to Summer Session II in my M122 Harvard Calculus I course this past week! We focused on limits in general and the Difference Quotient in particular. BTW, even though I've transitioned most my classes at the High School to SAGE and SAGECELL, NCC is still requiring the use of the TI-83, aka Ziggie. So, expect to see Ziggie a lot in the following ScreenCasts! Don't forget, the TI-89, aka Hal, is being replaced at the High School with the TI-nSpire, aka Dr. Neville, next year.

I started each day with a YouTube Calculus Filk related to the topic at hand. If you don't know what I mean by Calculus Filks, take a look here! What follows is a Filk and a ScreenCast for each of the first 3 days of class this week. The 4th day was a test on CH2. Most days start with a Filk and HWK RV followed by the new topic and HWK preview.

'I Will Derive'

Harvard Calc1 Chap2 Day1:

'Differentiabul' by Calculus The Musical

Harvard Calc1 Chap2 Day2:

'L'Hopital's Rule'

Harvard Calc1 Chap2 Day3:

Teaching NCC SSII M122:
Day 01 - Setting Up Shop!

OK, I'm teaching M122 Harvard Calculus I this Summer Session II and I got the huge multimedia room with balcony seating and 50" HD TVs! So, I brought in my DRIOD Tablet and connected it to the multimedia center PC over WiFi with SplashTop. Now I can drive the whole multimedia experience wirelessly from my tablet. I suppose this is a continuation of last Summer's post about M111! All I need to do is add a stylus, a pen app such as Xournal and a Graphing Calculator emulator like Virtual TI!

What follows is a picture gallery of the new room. Of course, this is different from my regular room at the High School pictured above in my banner.

This is my tablet mirroring my PC Desktop using the SplashTop app.

Here's the multimedia center PC Desktop running Splashtop, Xournal (pen app) and VTI (emulator). Note the control panel to the right that turns on the PC Projector, HD TVs and sound.

Here's my view from the bottom, front of the room to the balcony seats. I have over 70 seats all together!

Here's the view from my PC.

This is the view of the main 8' PC Projector Screen from the front row.

This is a view as you enter from the right-hand front door. These doors have a magnetic key lock system. If I lock or unlock one door, all 4 doors follow suit!

This view is from the right-hand rear door.

Here's a view from the balcony!

This view is from the left-hand rear door.

Last, but not least, here's a close-up of one of the 50" HD TVs!

Well, that's all folks!


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