Friday, December 21, 2012

Teaching AP Computer Science: GridWorld Part II!

Teaching AP Computer Science: GridWorld Part II! 

We lost so much class time due to Sandy that I may have to use GridWorld to teach certain concepts that I would teach from our text. We can cover iteration, arrays, inheritance and polymorphism in a GridWorld centric curriculum.

We are done with with GridWorld Part II! This lab has to Inheritance as we discussed how to extend the Bug class! We did BoxBug, SpiralBug and ZBug. We'll finish up Part II with DancingBug right after break.

We are postponing Take Home Tuesdays. We are not ready for Take Home #4 as yet since its about iteration. 

Here's our ScreenCasts and Code for this last week:

GridWorld Part II: pages 10-13

myPasteBin code for APCS2012
myProgramr code for APCS2012

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology, 

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