Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teaching Math 5HBC: Continuing Unit 4!

Teaching Math 5HBC: Continuing Unit 4! 

AP Calculus BC continued Unit 4 this week. This week we talked about Newton's Method, Optimization and programming the TI89. Newton's Method is a great application of differentiation and the limiting process. So, we decided to write a program to generate convergence tables for the non-pathological cases of Newton's Method. I introduced programming by writing a quadratic formula application.

We also had our first MCQ Monday. I gave a Part IA without a Graphing Calculator. In fact, I gave last year's AB exam which was released in the AP Community. The results were not great, so I had to use the "Disaster Curve:"

Here's our ScreenCasts and SmartNotes for this week:

Well, that's all folks!
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