Saturday, October 27, 2012

PAEMST Timeline Continues!

OK, here's the PAEMST Timeline as I see it. The online application isn't available until November this year. As soon as it becomes available, people can start nominating! 

So, September was all about the video. 

This month, October, I finally got to scan student sample work. My HP scanner renders JPGs, so I had to use a Linux utility (sams2p) to convert everything to PDF format for uploading to

Next month, it's November already! So, I'll have a colleague nominate me. Even though the nominations aren't due until March, I'd like to get the application process started.

Finally, I'll work on the application proper in December which isn't due until April. Everything is done online. So, I will be uploading the application with the video, my essay and student samples. Even if I finish everything by 12/31/12, I probably won't hear anything about the outcome, one way or the other, until 12/31/13! So, I hope it'll be a Merry XMass!

Here's some of the student samples. Samples 1-8 are each from different students handing in the Conics Worksheet from the video. The video was recorded the second day of school. The first day we talked about SOHCAHTOA a little. But we also did seating assignments, book cards and bio sheets. Samples A-D are some of the bio sheets. Sample A1 and A2 are from one student, B1 and B2 are from another, etc:

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