Sunday, January 1, 2012

So, what's on your Droid's home screen?

Well, I've been enjoying my Motorola DroidX with 3G from Verizon for about a year now and just love it! Of course, it's not just a cell phone! It's got a motion detector, voice recognition, voice synthesis, WiFi, satellite, Bluetooth, camera, webcam, etc. The DroidX has everything you'd expect from a SmartPhone now-a-days but its been around for some time. Who needs SIRI anyway? I use the Google Maps app, for instance, all the time with the voice recognition app to navigate my car, search the web or make a call entirely hands-free!
So, what IS on your Droid's home screen? I'm constantly trying new FREE apps from the Droid Market (now known as Google Play). So, I'm always adding apps to my home screen or moving them off. Here's a sample of the apps on my home screen at present. These are apps I use most everyday and they are absolutely FREE! BTW, I recently got a Kindle Fire which does all the Kindle stuff but is also a Droid Tablet! Beware, however, the Kindle app store is not the same. It's brought to you by Amazon, not Google. So, some of the apps are different or missing. Also, the Fire does not have all the same hardware, so some apps would not make sense. For example, the Kindle has a speaker but no mic. Also, the Fire has WiFi but no Bluetooth or 3G.

If you follow this blog at all, you may have noticed that on my PCs, "I don't do Windows, and niether does my Maid!" Well, I'm a little picky about my phones and tablets too. I don't have any iAnything: no iPod, no iPad, no iPhone, not even an iMac or MacBook. I recently got into some hot water as to why when I posted the following to the AP Calculus Listserv in reply to a thread about technology heroes:

First, a little truth in advertising: yes, I admit it, I'm a techno geek. I teach AP Calculus to nerds and AP Computer Science to geeks. At my school I'm the goto guy for all the tech stuff that teachers may have problems with. My students hail me as King of the Nerds or King of the Geeks in the hallway....

However, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are NOT my heroes:

(1) Steve Jobs was a master at marketing stuff you don't need. Case in point, when Apple had only a 2% share of the PC market, he dreamed up a way to have us want an iPod AND and iPhone AND data plans for both?  This is his legacy.

Yes, he was a great idea man. Yes, he was great at marketing. Yes, he was great at ergonomic design of products' form AND function. But a legacy like that I could live without, not to mention the slave labor he used in China to make his products nearly affordable.

BTW, there is no such thing as a Mac anymore. Current iMacs use intel processors and the operating system is based on Linux unlike the original Macs which had proprietary processors and operating systems!

(2) Bill Gates would not be where he is today without first stealing DOS from a research scientist (paying him pennies for his troubles) and then stealing Windows too (from Xerox) and aggressively marketing these operating systems to the point that these have become defacto monopolies. Gates is at least redeeming himself now with all his philanthropic endeavors. Gotta love that!

(3) True, Mark Zuckerberg's baby, Facebook, is contributing to this generation's poor work ethic making it easy for them to waste away the hours doing nothing constructive. However, he did license the Facebook engine to Edmodo. We might as well use our students' familiarity with the Facebook environment to help improve their education, no?

One of my heroes is Admiral Grace Murray Hopper! Here's a YouTube about Gracie:

My 2 Cents,
A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math and CompSci


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