Saturday, September 24, 2011

School Week 3: The ScreenCasts! AP Computer Science, preCalculus and Calculus

This past week, AP Computer Science started Chapter 2 on Objects, preCalculus started Chapter 2 on Functions and AP Calculus BC finished Chapter 2 on the definition of the derivative! BTW, we continued our YouTube Wednesdays with Ton Lehrer's Lobachevsky and part II of the Grace Hopper 60 Minutes interview!

Week 3: AP Computer Science

Week 3: preCalculus

Week 3: Calculus

Wow, talk about the "Paperless Office!" I finally have a paperless office in Computer Math, Computer Science and Calculus Research Lab at least. I have an electronic copy of everything I do in class, from assignment sheets to etextbooks and from SmartNotes to ScreenCasts. I post all my handouts on edmodo and all my ScreenCasts on youtube. 

So, my students don't need a traditional notebook or textbook. Students do their work online as well! Computer Math and Calculus Research Lab use and AP Computer Science uses a ssh server I setup in class that they can access from home as well.

My students have access to all materials, except Labs and Tests, 24/7 online! Welcome to the 21st Century, finally!

HTH, I hope you enjoyed this week's ScreenCasts!

Learning with Technology, 

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