Saturday, September 17, 2011

School Week 2: The YouTubes! Math and Computing Classes

Week 1 Math Filk: 
Mathematicious, all the regents level math you need before taking preCalculus!

Week 1 Computing Spoof(all 3 parts):
PC vs. Mac Spoof, what is the Linux community all about?

Week 2 Math Filk: 
New Math by Tom Lehrer, all you need to know about subtraction in base 8...

Week 2 Computing Documentary:
Grace Hopper: part I of 60 minutes interview with the great Admiral.

Week 2 Bonus Calculus Filk (Thursday):
Theorem Night: by my Calculus students 2 years ago about the definition of continuity?

Every Wednesday, I like to break up the routine a bit with YouTube Wednesday! I start each class with a YouTube clip that has something to do with what we are learning. Sometimes its a fun filk (folk song with changed words to make fun of something), sometimes its an informative documentary. I've even been known to show eulogies of famous mathematicians (Jaime Escalante) and computer scientists (Randy Pausch)! 

I keep it to a 5 or 10 minute video and then we have a 5 to 10 minute discussion. Yes, it does eat into classwork, but I think the students come away the better for it. Its a good way to expose the students to the wonder and fun of Mathematics, Science and Computing! 

I didn't blog about this during Week 1, so here are the Week 1 YouTubes too. BTW, I show a different video in my Math classes (preCalculus, AP Calculus BC) as opposed to Computing classes (Computer Math, AP Computer Science, Calculus Research Lab). I don't want to bore those few students that are actually taking 2 classes with me every day.

HTH, I hope you enjoyed this week's YouTubes!

Learning with Technology, 

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