Saturday, November 20, 2010

YouTube Wednesday: "Now, you're the show!" (4 weeks of Kermit the Frog???)

YouTube Wednesday is alive and kicking over here at good ol' Baldwin Senior High!  Except that for the last 4 weeks, I turned the tables on my students... now, they're the YouTube!

OK, I had a certain filk song in mind for my students to record.  You know, filk?  I see filk artists every year at I-CON.  Filking is like Karaoke, except you take a popular folk song and change the words.  Usually, a filk song pokes fun at something or is satirical.  At I-CON, you'll see filk making fun of science and science fiction.  Look up Tom Lehrer, Voltaire, Tom Smith, Marc Gunn and Rob Balder on YouTube to get an idea.  Take a look a my favorites on for math related filk and for computing related filk!

So, 4 weeks ago I showed this video to my students to get the tune into their heads.

Then, 3 weeks ago, I showed them this video to get the tune into their brains for good!

Last week, I gave them the words:

A Stable Connection

To the tune of "Rainbow Connection"
by Paul Williams & Kenny Ascher

Why are there so many lost instant memos,
And badly downloaded files?
Firewalls configured and ports we must forward
So people can’t see inside?
Online there’s gold if you manage to reach it
Through all of the iPods for free…
Someday we’ll find it, a stable connection,
The hackers, the coders and me.  

Who said that every ping would be heard and answered
When sent down your cable line?
Somebody 419s, and someone believes it,
Now spam chokes the mail grapevine…
Warcraft expandeth to suck up our bandwidth
So orcs can grow cute little trees,
Someday we’ll find it, a stable connection,
The gamers, the lamerz and me…
Cable or ADSL,
I’m sure it’s a marketing hat trick…  

Have you been on the verge of scoring a cyber,
Then dropped out and lost your mate?
Have you successfully completed a torrent?
Well neither have I, to date…
I’ve pinged out too many times to ignore it,
Even when on a T3…
Someday we’ll find it, a stable connection,
The flamers, the fanboys and me…  

La, da da deee da da daa,
La la la la la dee daa doooooooo…

This week we recorded the video for YouTube, using the webcam from my Dell Studio 1710 Multimedia Laptop, with Rob Balder singing in the background.  You can get an audio clip of Rob Balder singing "A Stable Connection" from
or buy the CD "For Amusement Only" from

The first version of the video below is embedded from YouTube after I converted it from *.avi to *.mp4 via for upload to YouTube.  The second version is the original *.avi file from my webcam.  The third version is an *.mp4 file I made using to download it from my YouTube page!

I didn't post all the recordings on YouTube (all 5 classes participated) as my mic was not working correctly.  Well, the mic wasn't too bad 1st period, so you'll see that sample recording above!  However, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again!"  So, we'll be back....  BTW, stay tuned, in the weeks to come there's going to be a lot of preCalculus and Calculus related filk and carols!

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