Saturday, November 27, 2010

CIS(theta) Meeting VI (2010-2011) - pelican HPC the movie!

pelican HPC the movie!

DavidG, HerbertK, JoshG, RyanH

Building Parallel Programs, Chapter6


We went a little cuckoo this week and watched all the Pelican HPC related videos we could find online!  We wanted to see that other peeps were getting Pelican to work and how they did it.  Maybe we missed something?  We started with a series of four:

Then we viewed the tutorial video from the Pelican website:

We found two more on YouTube:

OK, here's the CbN (Cluster by Night) video too.  This one is nice as it uses a CD for the Master Node and multiple CDs for the worker nodes.  So, this solution does not use PXE+openMPI+Octave, it uses ssh+openMPI+Ruby!

Well, that's all for this week.  I hope you enjoyed our movie night!  Next week, we're going to bring in our own cables, switches, routers and laptops to see if we can get Pelican to work in our lab....

Happy Clustering,

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