Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Sorry for the belated greeting, but I've been away from cyberspace these past few days as have many of you. I note a sharp decrease this time of year in the internet chatter related to school in general and this blog in particular. Almost noone is on the forums this 4-day weekend (ap-calc, ap-compsci, ap-physics, ap-stats, etc).

Anyway, we had a bit of a disaster the day before T-Day. Its become somewhat of a tradtion to have a little LAN Party for T-Day-eve. I push my students really hard all year up to this point and promised them a little break. So, we used our brand-spanking-new 64-bit fedora installation on the cluster and added bzflag to the mix. Try as we might, however, we could not get the various bzflag clients to connect to a local bzflag server. We finally had to boot up an old KNOPPIX 32-bit DVD running bzfs and all was well after that. So, something is wrong with our 64-bit ethernet drivers or we have to play with our firewalls or, perhaps, selinux? IDK, but we'll figure it out for the daybefore X-Mas I hope!

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