Saturday, November 21, 2009

64-bit Fedora Core 11 to the rescue!

Wow, we finally did it!  We are KNOPPIX free!  Don't get me wrong, I've used KNOPPIX ever since it came out and I loved it.  However, even the forums on and state that the KNOPPIX CD/DVD is not really meant as a linux install CD/DVD.  I used to use it a lot as if it were a Debian install CD/DVD.  KNOPPIX is a great live CD/DVD to "try linux before you buy."  BTW, our servers are still based on Slackware.

Anyway, the Fedora live CD is also a great install CD.  There's an "install to disk" icon right on the desktop when you boot the liveCD.  Just click this icon and follow the ensuing script's instructions, its very simple!  I chose the "replace existing linux" option, as I was replacing the KNOPPIX partition, so I didn't have to repartition anything.  Also, you are asked to create the root passwd and one userid + passwd.

After the CD finishes formatting the linux partition and copying itself to the hard drive, all you have to do is reboot and setup your ethernet preferences (administration/network) and edit /boot/grub/menu.lst if you are running a dual-boot environment.  You have to open a terminal and run "su" to gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst and you have to give the root passwd when you edit the ethernet preferences but its very doable.

After all that, I also had to run yum install hpjis so as to be able to use administration/printing to set up my printers.

Thanx a lot to CIS(theta), the Computer Independent Study team (JeremyA, SteveB, DevinB) who helped me install all 25 compute nodes simultaneously saving me a lot of time and hard work!  Good job guys, now we have a cool 64-bit base to build our MPI cluster on!

Happy Clustering,

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