Saturday, October 3, 2009

More on youtube!

My students just love "Video Vednesday" (just pronouce it like Chekov when he was looking for the "Nuclear Vessles").  IDK, why they don't like my MCQ Mondays or my FRQ Fridays....
Anyway, I show Math and Computer Science related videos every other wednesday from youtube.  Its surprising how much stuff is on there that's actually educational. These videos are very short, under 10 minutes each, but well worth the time.

For computer science, go to and search: "Grace Murray Hopper" for an interview from 60 minutes,  "Cliff Stoll" or "The Cuckoos's Egg" for a Nova edisode on same and "Sorting out Sorting" for animations related to searching and sorting routines!
For Math, you can search: "Mathematicious" for precalc topics, "I will derive" based on Gloria Gaynor song, "Tom Lehrer" songs, "Calculus songs" even "Calculus Carols" and "Calculus in 20 minutes" just to name a few.

Learning with Technology,

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