Thursday, June 26, 2014

LAC2014: Physics and Calculus with the TI-89

Physics and Calculus with the TI-89

This year's Life After Calculus 2014 (LAC2014) focused on applications of Calculus to Physics. What's nice about these applications is that they serve as a brief introduction to Calculus III, IV and V!

Since we are switching to the TI-nSpire next year, we also demonstrated the use of the TI-89, aka Hal, for the last time whenever possible. It's about time we upgraded our Graphing Calculator in AP Calculus BC class. I think we've been using the TI-89 for over 20 years. So, let this be Hal's Swan Song!

Next year, LAC2015 will be similar to this but we will showcase the TI-nSpire instead! Can you guess what LAC2016 will be like? Yes, you guessed it! We'll redo this project one more time showcasing SAGE!

What follows is a series of ScreenCasts summarizing what we did. Each ScreenCast has the handout and SmartNotes used in class as attachments to the YouTube description.

LAC2014 (TI-89) 101 Day01 2D Vectors!

LAC2014 (TI-89) 101+102 Day02 2D Vectors and Work! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 102 Day03 3D Vectors! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 102 Day04 3D Vectors and the ShoeLace Algorithm! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 102 Day05 3D Vectors and the Cross Product and Torque! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 103 Q1 Day06 Free Fall without Friction! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 104 Q1-Q4 Day07 Free Fall with Friction! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 107 Q1-Q7-ODD Day08 Power Series DiffEqu Solutions! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 107 Q9+Q10 Day09 Power Series 2nd Order DiffEqu Solutions! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 108 Q1+Q2-Q6 EVE Day10 Hooke's Law without Friction! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 109 ALL Day11 Hooke's Law WITH Friction! 

LAC2014 (TI-89) 106 ALL Day12 Simultaneous DiffEqus! 

Well, that's all folks!


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