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Teaching Math 5H:
UNIT 12 Polar Mode!

Quarter IV Weeks 1&2: 4/14-4/25
We started and finished UNIT 12 about Parametric Mode, Polar Mode. We calculated slope and arc length Parametrically. We also calculated area and arc length of Polar Functions! 

Next week is AP Review and the following 2 weeks are AP Exams. So, this concludes this year's blog for AP Calculus BC! A new thread will start in 3 weeks called Life After Calculus 2014 (LAC2014). Good luck on your AP Exams!

Hope you had fun learning Calculus with us this year. Have a great Summer, see you next year!

UPDATE: 5/23/2014
This is the last post in this thread for this year as next week is Final Review and then we have In-Class Finals. I think we had a successful year. You have all our ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and SAGE WorkSheets for the whole year right here in this post! Next year, we'll be useing the new TI nSpire CX CAS and I think I can use SAGE more. In 2 years I think I can redo my ScreenCasts using all this great new tech. Have a great Summer!

Bye Bye Period 1, Math 5HBC Calculus
You will be missed!

UNIT12 Polar Mode!

Quarter III Weeks 7&8: 3/24-4/04
We started UNIT 11 about MacLaurin Series, Taylor Series, Intervals of Convergence, Alternating Series Error and LaGrange Error terms! Next week, the week before April Break, we'll finish UNIT 11. The week after break we'll do a short unit on Vector/Polar. The week after that is review and the week after that is the AP Exam already!

UNIT11 Power Series

Quarter III Weeks 5&6: 3/10-3/21
We finished UNIT8 about Partial Fractions and By Parts Integration techniques. I skipped UNIT9 about VARSEP DIFFEQUS as we covered that elsewhere and we had to make up time. We only have a few weeks before and a week after April Break to finish the course! Then we only have a week of review! 

So, we just started UNIT10 on Convergence of Infinite Series of Constants with all Positive Terms. We'll sneak the Alternating Series Error Theorem somewhere. Then we have 2 weeks on Power Series and 1 week on Vector/Polar.

UNIT10 Series of Constants

Quarter III Weeks 3&4: 2/24-3/7
We didn't get very far this past couple of weeks with all the Snow Days and February Break! We did manage to cover most of UNIT 8 about Integration By Parts and Partial Fractions. We started the unit with a class on L'Hopital's rule using the "Mean Girls Limit" as a Do Now! I also ended that class with a Calculus Carol by one of my students about L'Hopital as a summary. I do this topic now as these limits will start to become an issue soon!

I will finish the unit next week with a discussion of Variable Separable DiffEqus including Logistics, Slope Fields and Euler's Method.

UNIT 8 Advanced Integration Techniques:

Quarter III Weeks 1&2: 2/3-2/14
We didn't get very far this past couple of weeks with 3 SnowDays and a Delayed Opening in the way! We did somehow manage to finish UNIT 7 focusing on Differential Equations. We talked about Slope Field and Variable Separable solutions for Exponential Growth and Decay, Exponential Approach (aka Newton's Laws of Heating or Cooling) and Logistic Growth models! After February Break we have our last AB Part I MCQ Monday and then we'll talk about L'Hopital's Rule and Indeterminate Forms.

Announcement from the AP Calculus Forum:
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The University of Houston is offering the following FREE courses through Coursera, with start dates of March 17. Registration is currently taking place. Please inform your interested students and colleagues.

Quarter II Weeks 8&9: 1/13-1/24
We started UNIT7: Transcendental Functions! We focused on the derivative of ln(x) and Logarithmic Differentiation. Next week and after Midterm Week, we'll revisit Applications of Derivatives, Applications of Integrals and Variable Separable Differential Equations involving e^x and ln(x).

UNIT 7 Calculus of Transcendental Functions:

Quarter II Week 7: 1/6-1/10
We finished UNIT6: Applications of the AntiDerivative! We focused on Volumes with Known Cross Sections, Arc Length and Surface Area.

Quarter II Week 6: 12/16-12/20
We continued UNIT6: Applications of the AntiDerivative! We focused on Volumes of Revolution with horizontal and vertical strips: Disk, Washer, Shell. Of course, Friday was Calculus Caroling Day!

Quarter II Weeks 4&5: 12/2-12/13
We started UNIT6: Applications of the AntiDerivative! We focused on the Betty Sue problem and the importance of adding a constant C. We talked about horizontal and vertical strips in our Riemann Statements for finding area between curves and Volumes of Revolution.

UNIT 6 Applications of AntiDerivatives:

Quarter II Week 3: 11/25-11/29
This week we continued our discussion of AntiDerivatives by introducing The Fundamental Theorem Parts I and II! We went over a MCQ Monday on Monday and did the Fundamental Theorem on Tuesday. This was a short week due to Thanksgiving, so we had GAMEDAY on Wednesday. Fun was had by all!

Since we were covering Indefinite Integrals this week, we had to do the Betty Sue FRQ and sing the song

Also, next week is December already, so we start practising our preCalculus and Calculus Carols!

Quarter II Week 2: 11/18-11/22
This week we continued our discussion of AntiDerivatives and Riemann Sums! We focused on Scientific Computing. IE: we wrote programs in TI89 BASIC demostrating the Numerical Methods for definite integration: LSUM, RSUM, MSUM, TRAP and SIMP!

Quarter II Week 1: 11/11-11/15
This week was all about AntiDerivatives and Riemann Sums! We talked about Right Riemann Sums as exact limits. Next week we'll have to right some TI89 code! We also started talking about solving Variable Separable Differential Equations.

UNIT 5 AntiDerivatives and Riemann Sums:

Quarter I Week 9: 11/4-11/8
We finally finished with UNIT 4: Application of Differentiation this week. We programmed Newton's Method in TI89-BASIC. We also covered related rates. Next week is all about AntiDerivatives and Reimann Sums!

Quarter I Week 8: 10/28-11/1
We're nearly finished with UNIT 4: Application of Differentiation this week. We programmed Newton's Method in TI89-BASIC. We also started related rates this week.

Quarter I Week 7: 10/21-10/25
We started UNIT 4: Application of Differentiation this week. We started talking about IVT, MVT, Min/Max and Optimization!

UNIT 4 Applications of Derivatives:

Quarter I Week 6: 10/14-10/18
This week we finished UNIT 3 with a discussion of the Chain Rule, Implicit Differentiation, Min/Max and Related Rates.

Quarter I Week 5: 10/07-10/11
Out sick.... However, I did start using DropBox, see above!

Quarter I Week 4: 9/30-10/04
We started UNIT 3 about Differentiation! We derived the Product and Quotient Rules. We did all 6 Trig Rules. We started talking about the Chain Rule.

UNIT 3 Differentiation Rules:

Quarter I Week 3: 9/23-9/27
We finished UNIT 2 with a test! Our last topic concerned the existence of the derivative. BTW, we start with UNIT 2 since UNIT 1 is just a review of PreCalculus. We did a bit of that in 106 and 107 on Conics and Polar Notation.

Quarter I Week 2: 9/16-9/20
We are almost finished with UNIT 2: Continuity and Differentiablility! We demostrated the Power Rule using the Definition of the Derivative as the limit of the Difference Quotient. We even started the Trig Rules!

Quarter I Week 1: 9/9-9/13
AP Calculus BC started with a preCalc review in the form of the topic of Conic Sections! This is a great topic to review Cartesian and Polar Coordinates, as well as some algebra, trig and TI89 usage!

UNIT 2 Limits and Derivatives:

Well, that's all folks!


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