Friday, April 25, 2014

Teaching Math 5HAB: Welcome to AP Calculus Review!

Teaching Math 5HAB
Welcome to AP Calculus Review!

Welcome to all my new AB Caclulus students I'm helping to review for the AP Exam in a couple of weeks! Here's some pointers that may help you.

Good MCQ practice.

Try these FRQs!

2007 AB FRQs 4-6 AP Review with code:

Stuff You Must Know Cold (crib sheet)!

The Mother Function Dance!

My AP Calculus YouTube PlayList!

All Our Calculus Songs (aka Filks)! 

Here's a sample Filk (geeky cover) by Queen (not!) called "Calculus Rhapsody" which is a nice over view of your whole year in AP Calculus AB.

Here's another Calculus Filk by Bruno Mars (not!) singing "Calculus Time" all about the Chain Rule! I even checked his work!!

Hope that helps!

Well, that's all folks!


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