Thursday, July 25, 2013

Teaching MAT111: preCalculus Week IV

Teaching MAT111: preCalculus Week IV

We completed our fourth week of new material. We had our 4th test today, good luck! We are back to only a 4-day week and a 4-day unit. 

This week was about CH9-11: Trig Identities, Inverse Functions and Rational Functions.

We also had a YouTube Tuesday and Wednesday again! We watched "I Will Derive" and "Calculus Rhapsody" on Tuesday previewing next semester (what Calculus is all about). Wednesday, we watched Will Noel on TED and IGNITE proving that Archimedes discovered Calculus way before Newton did!.
Here's this week's ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my:

A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math, Physics and CS
2013 NYS Secondary Math PAEMST Nominee

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