Saturday, June 22, 2013

LAC 2013 Continued - Summer Project I

Life After Calculus 2013: Continued!

Last week we ScreenCasted how to learn Calculus with SAGE! We ran out of time. So, I will continue UNIT3-UNIT12 over the Summer. I'm preparing these Calculus Units on SAGE for a presentation at T^3 Molloy College 11/1/13. 

I will make my preTEST SAGE worksheets public. I am also making worksheets for the TESTs. I will use these files to revamp my EBay offerings. I used to sell all my TBQs, TBSs and TBLs in print form. This involved a lot of printing, xeroxing and shipping hassles. I'm trying to make all this electronic so it fits on a few CDs or one DVD. 

TBQ aka TechBook Questions, consist of all my preTESTs and TESTs. These are all in a workbook format extending traditional Calculus questions with technology.

TBS aka TechBook Solutions, consist of all my preTEST and TEST solutions. These used to be hand written and based on the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. This is what I'm working on in SAGE.

TBL aka TechBook Lessons, consist of all my ScreenCasts and SmartNotes from Calculus class!

My Summer Project will include finishing UNITS 3-12 for my T^3 presentation at Molloy College next year. I will also update my EBay store with electronic copy on CD only based on this project! Stay tuned...

LAC2013 Day 08: Calculus UNIT 1

LAC2013 Day 09: Calculus UNIT 2

mySlideShare SmartNotes

mySAGE code for MATH5HBC2012!

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology, 

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