Saturday, May 25, 2013

Teaching APCS: LACS2013 Complete!

Teaching APCS: LACS2013 Complete!

Fare thee well, my Seniors, you will be missed!

We started our final project last week: "Life After Computer Science 2013." We're using the class from Princeton CS 101 to do some graphics. I want to develop some new graphics based projects to use through out the year next year.

My Summer Project will include finishing some more of these lessons for next year! Stay tuned...

Our Own Graphing Calculator (TI-83):

Some Animation (like VPython): (animation, loops and/or arrays) (physics - animated parametrics) (nbody problems) (Towers)

Our Own Turtle Class (Turtle Python): (Brownian Motion) (Geometry) (Recursion) (Recursion) (Strings)

XTRAS: (Conway's 2D Automata) (Fractals) (Fractals) (Systems)

myPasteBin code for APCS2012
myProgramr code for APCS2012

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology, 

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