Sunday, April 7, 2013

Teaching Math 5HBC: Unit 11 Power Series!

Teaching Math 5HBC: Unit 11 Power Series! 

AP Calculus BC started Unit 11 the week before break (3/18/13-3/22/13) and finished it this week after break (4/1/13-4/5/13). Unit 11 started with a discussion of MacLaurin Series and The Ratio Test for Absolute Convergence of Power Series. Then we talked about the Alternating Series Test, Taylor Series and LaGrange Error Terms!

We will have a new MCQ Monday BC Part IB next week! This will be part of the Final Exam for the preTEST/postTEST model of the new Teacher Evaluation System!

Here's our ScreenCasts and SmartNotes for this week:

mySlideShare SmartNotes
mySAGE code for MATH5HBC2012!

Well, that's all folks!
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