Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Nemo!

I don't know the conditions in Nassau, but Suffolk is a disaster zone after the blizzard. 

My car was stuck in a snow drift after 3 hours of driving Friday night some 20 feet from my driveway. It took me until now, 48 hours later, to shovel out and rescue my car! We had over 30 inches on snow.... 

I just now tried to drive around the area to get some gas but there isn't any. The Suffolk County Police ordered me off the road! I don't think there's any safe way for me to come to school tomorrow. So, if my school doesn't close, I'm sorry, but you'll have to go on without me (at least on Monday). 

Above please find a picture taken yesterday in front of the Longwood Public Library just to give a glimpse of what's going on out here.  The people in these cars were stranded all night Friday.

UPDATE: 2/11/13 I don't know if I can come in tomorrow either! I just tried to go to a local store and gas station. I almost got stuck again. Even though it has been raining and the temperature is about 40 degrees, the roads have all turned to ice. It is very dangerous driving out here. Even the main roads are not clear. If anything, the main roads are worse now than yesterday. I almost broke an axle aborting my mission to the gas station! The plows are out but they cannot seem to get all the ice up. It's like driving on ice with a pot hole every other foot!

UPDATE: 2/12/13 Some monster plows, tractors and bulldozers from the town finally showed up on my street! So, I should be in to pick up the pieces tomorrow.

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