Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quarter II, Week 1: Sorry, no ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code oh my!

This picture was taken on Holloween, the day after Hurricane Sandy, 10/31/12. The roof of the 400 Building fell off!
This picture was taken the first day back to school, 11/12/12, at good old Baldwin SHS!
Quarter II, Week 1: Sorry, no ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code oh my! 

Security blocking entry to 400 Building! I think he needs a gas mask...
We are finally getting back to school next week on Tuesday after Veteran's Day. I'll be happy to see my students back and safe. We will be on a split session, however, as we need to share what's left of the High School with the Middle School until they get their power back. We start our day at 12:01PM everyday next week and our classes will only be 24 minutes long, but it's a start! 

Once upon a Social Studies office: My Kingdom for a printer!
My new office, 336, is on the 3rd floor of the 3rd building. A huge thank you goes to the Social Studies Dept for donating the space! This office has a couple of PCs I can get some work done with and a nice laser printer. I cannot print in my classroom, except to PDF or SmartNoteBook, for some reason. How do I install printer drivers without admin passwds?

A huge thanx also goes to the Administration for a smooth transition for everyone who taught in Building 4:

New room 120 for Computer Science, Math 4R and 5H!

We are happy to finally be coding again in APCS!

My new room, 120, is on the 2nd floor of the 1st building right next to the Library. I spent most of the afternoon Friday re-wiring all the PCs in there so it's almost like my old room. It seems that this room was used sporadically as a resource room by tons of different classes each day. No one really took an interest in maintaining it as a classroom should. So, I had to give it a little TLC! It's got 28 PCs, so I cannibalized the last row of 4 boxes to get the first 3 rows of 24 PCs up to snuff. This room has a decent SmartBoard too, but no whiteboards. BTW, don't tell anyone, but it's a Windows Lab. What about game day?

New room 612 for period 9 and Math 4H. We need a SmartBoard!
9th period I have another room, 612, on the 1st floor of the 6th building. I'm gonna get a lot of exercise! This room is a bit small and has no SmartBoard, just a little whiteboard. We'll have to see about getting a better room. I didn't get to fix up these PCs as I'm not really teaching Computer Science there. What about YouTube Wednesday?

The split session will, hopefully, only last a few days. The new room assignments may last several months, I'm afraid, as they rebuild the 4th building.

Math 4R: preCalculus for Seniors
Math 4H: preCalculus Honors for Juniors
Math 5H: AP Calculus BC
CSH: Computer Science Honors
APCS: AP Computer Science
CIS(theta): Computing Independent Study
PAEMST: Presidential Award of Excellence

Above you will find links to summaries of all my lessons for three weeks ago. We're getting back to work next week, finally!

Three weeks ago Youtube Wednesday had to be about Ada Lovelace Day.

Ah, the memories... RIP Room 429:

Well, that's all folks!
Learning with Technology, 

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