Friday, August 31, 2012

Quarter I, Week 0: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

Please note, school hasn't officially started yet. SO, I don't have any new ScreenCasts, SmartNotes or Code as of yet!

However, we had two Staff Development Days this week (8/29 and 8/30) concerning the new teacher evaluation procedures replete with APPR stats, writing SLOs, calculating HEDI scores and meetings, meetings, meetings! Even so, I had very little time to prepare my classes for next week. I barely got my new edmodo groups up and running with some first day info and the first syllabi. 

I did get to set up my computers that were all in disarray since custodial had to move everything around to clean as they do every Summer! Also, I got to do a bit of decorating:

This is a view of my classroom as you walk in the door which is in the right, rear corner. Please note the fractal art!

Here's a view of of the right side of the room from the left side. Note the cluster generated ray tracings and that door!

Now we have a view of the left side of the room from the right side. Can you see our industrial strength A/C unit? All the blinds are drawn in anticipation of Youtube Wednesday!

This is a view of the front of the room from the back. See how I got all my Linux Boxes up and running for my students? Let's play a little game of "Where is Shadowfax?"

This is my view of the back from the front when I'm standing by the SmartBoard. My desk is in the middle in the back. I teach from there when I have to type code.

Now for a close up of my new bulletin board from the back wall with even more CGI.

Here's the other bulletin board on the back wall and even more fractals!

Here's a Welcome Back memo for my students that I have on edmodo already.

Now for a little Biographical Info:

Here's a little background music from John Williams:

I hope you enjoyed this week's update!

Learning with Technology,

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