Thursday, February 2, 2012

CRL: Calculus Research Lab Recruiting Office!

Welcome to Computing at Baldwin Senior High School! My name is Mr. Garcia. I teach in the Math Department at good old BSHS. I'm here today to encourage you to take Calculus Research Lab aka CRL.

CRL is meant to enhance your experience in AP Calculus. We meet every other day like a Science Lab. We use a Python based Computer Algebra System called SAGE,, to investigate problems symbolically.  We use a Super Computer,, at the University of Washington setup for our use. BTW, all your work is stored online and we use an eText, so you don't even have to bring anything to class!

Also, the first thing you'll notice is that I don't do Windows, and neither does my maid! We are currently using the 64bit Ubuntu 11.04 Linux Desktop which is a rock solid, programmer friendly system designed with network security, multitasking, multiprocessing and multiuser support built-in from the ground up. Please see the video above and sign-up sheet below:

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