Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to Summer Session II!

Wow, is it really Summer Session II 2011 at Nassau Community College already? I am privileged to have a section of 25 eager new students in NCC Math 122, Harvard Calculus I. Welcome!

We just finished our first week. We flew by Chapter 2 on differentiation in the 5th edition of Deborah Hughes-Hallett's wonderful reformed text, Calculus Single Variable. The first thing I did (after making seating assignments, discussing the syllabus and collecting bio sheets) was to create an group just for this class and showed my new students how to join and spoke to the benefits of joining. Of course, I had to show them and and I began the class with a filk from Youtube (Mathematicious).

Here's some of the first uploads I made to Edmodo for this group. Lesson 201 was about limits and finding the derivative at a point using convergence tables. This document is the syllabus for this summer. In other words, all the legalize and rules of the road! Also, all the assignments are listed as a pacing guide.

This pdf is a copy of all my SmartNotes for Chapter 2 Lesson 1. As you can see, I started talking about solving problems Graphically, Numercally, Analytically or Wordily!

This YouTube is a ScreenCast of the first class. 

Lesson 202 was about finding derivative functions analytically. In this, the second class, I realized that I had never formally stated the definition of continuity at a point, what I call the "Cuban Theorem." So, after stating this definition, I had to start that class with "Theorem Night!" 

Yesterday's class, Lesson 203, was mostly about Newton's Method and writing a program to do Newton's Method in TI-83/84 BASIC (today was our first test). BTW, I had to start this class with "I Will Derive!" I think Monday we'll view "Calculus Rhapsody."

HTH, I hope you enjoyed our intro to Calculus!

Learning with Technology, 

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