Sunday, April 17, 2011

PI-Day, Suffolk Community College Grant Campus: PI-Day (Art Show 4/2011)

We won the PI-Day Art Show competition last year. We got 1st and 3rd place of all Long Island High School Seniors in the CGI category for our fractal and povray prints! The only reason we won 3rd place is due to the fact that we were competing against ourselves in the same category! Take a look at some of the prints:

Said category did not exist 2 years ago when we entered for the first time. At that time, we entered the math related poster contest. I don't think the judges read our entry essay very carefully and thought we just printed something off the internet. In point of fact, we generated each and every one of those 6000x8000 pixel (48 megapixel) prints 1 pixel at a time using an openMOSIX Linux Cluster (aka super computer) my students and I designed ourselves! I complained back then and they saw the error of their ways. We didn't enter this year, but hope to have something new for next year!
That's all folks, for now, I hope you've enjoyed our break from my usual rant!

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