Saturday, March 19, 2011

Edmodo update: "The Social Network for your Class!"

Wow, using Edmodo has been great these last few weeks! I only just started using Edmodo after February Break around 2/21/11. I set it up, literally, in seconds one day during break. It couldn't have been easier to set up or use. The students took to it right away as its modeled after Facebook. I strongly recommend you try it for your classes!

I used to upload files to share with my classes to a private ftp site I set up at school that the students could access in class and at home. I also uploaded screen-casts from to my channel. However, this year my school had to change all its external IPs but my ftp server has yet to get a new IP. So, my students couldn't use this resource from home. When I found edmodo, I thought it would be a great way to share files from class, but its a lot more! You can start threads or discussions on topics extending what was done in class. Students can post questions any time of the day or night and you can answer them. You can even make announcements about due dates and other important reminders for class such as Multiple Choice Mondays or Free Response Fridays. You can even make links to YouTube Wednesday videos!

Take a look at the edmodo links I have on the right side of this blog. I made a few posts from each class public so you could see what it is like. I will probably not be adding much more content publicly, but I hope you get the idea. Here's a sample of what I've done in my 4 preps these past few weeks.

Advanced Computer Math:
You can see here, that there are several threads where students are voicing their concerns for preparing for a recent test and I was able to help them out. Also, we had some jokes and PI Day stuff! Can you play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?

AP Computer Science:
In this group, I usually post copyrighted material that I could not make public such as chapters in pdf format from the author of our text and labs from that book. However, this is a great place to share code we write in class to study new syntax at home! I also share College Board materials my students may need for a particular unit.

preCalculus 4 Juniors
and AP Calculus BC:
My math classes typically generate a powerpoint or pdf from my SmartNotes and a quicktime or mp4 screen-cast recording every day. Edmodo is a great place to share these files too! I even posted some fun stuff about a math conference I just went to where I participated in honoring one of my own students with a $1000 scholarship! Gratzgo to MichaelS and thanx go to LIMACON!

That's all folks....

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  1. Hey Mr. Garcia!

    I'm so glad Edmodo has worked so well for you! I think it is terrific and I WISH I could get my school to adopt it campus-wide!