Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to Room 429 PreCalculus and Calculus BC!

Here's a hearty welcome for my new students in Math 4R-11 or PreCalculus for Juniors!  Don't get excited, its 4R but there's no Regents exam in June!  However, you are a select group that, as Juniors, are preparing to take the AP Calculus AB class next year!  This is our grand experiment for this year.  

I've taught PreCalc for years.  Usually the students are Juniors and Seniors all mixed together.  The problem is that each grade has its own agenda.  The Seniors need another Math credit to graduate.  The Juniors often do better than the Seniors, however, as they typically are Honors level students in other classes or had to drop out of Honors Math classes as Freshmen or Sophomores for one reason or another.  Well, this is your second chance not only to get back into the Honors Math track, but into an AP college level course!  

Imagine the money you'll save in college if you get AP credit for Calculus in High School!  Even if you don't get the AP credit, it looks great on your transcript when you apply to colleges next year and its great experience in order to get ready for college.

And, here's a heart felt welcome back to my AP Calculus BC students!  Well, its only welcome back to some of you that I know from previous years in Computer Math or Computer Science, but welcome back to school, in any event, to all!  

OK, we finished our first unit and are ready for our first FRQ Friday.  However, as you know, it's going to be this Monday as I was out sick last Wednesday and we are behind a day...

So, you are ready for your first FRQ Friday.  And we've had some YouTube Wednesdays already (see videos above).  Pretty soon, we'll start MCQ Mondays too....

BTW, both Math 4R-11 and AP Calculus BC videos are available on our private FTP server as well as on my YouTube channel (  Also, on the FTP site you will find PDFs of all my Smart Notes.  FYI, most of the videos are MP4s, but some older ones are WMVs.  I hope you find these recordings from class helpful (samples above)!

Teaching with Technology, 

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