Sunday, March 14, 2010

Plus ca change, plus la meme chose!

Just an update for you: 

(1) I think I finally have approval AND enrollment for my "Calculus Research Lab." I will be using the Calculus texts/pdfs listed on the website. This is a lab that meets everyother day in addition to my AP Calculus class like a science lab but in a computer classroom. I would appreciate any suggestions for other SAGE/Calculus related materials I should look at!

(2) Also, I am updating my intro programming course, "Computer Math" that leads to my AP Computer Science class. I will be adopting the text "Mathematics in the Digital Age" from This is a commbination dicrete math and python course. So I thought using SAGE here would be great! Any thoughts here are welcome.

(3) Finally, I am upgrading my linux cluster for my "Computng Independent Study" students to use I wonder if anyone is using SAGE on a cluster of PCs like this. Any ideas are welcome! 

Teaching with Technology, 

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