Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Drink the Kool Aid!!!

I've been playing around with SmartTech hardware and software for a couple of years now in my AP Calculus BC classes at Baldwin SHS and in my Harvard Calculus classes at Nassau CC.  So, I thought I'd give a new talk at LIMACON this year:
Title: "Look Ma, No Calculator!"
Description: How do students learn and teachers teach mathematics with technology in the 21st century?  Most of us use a SmartBoard as  a presentation device, but there's so much more that you can do!  Our discussion will include using a BlueTooth PC Tablet, Wireless Mic and Video Recording Software to store your lessons online as well as using Calculator Emulators such as VTI, TI-Smartview and TIemu and Computer Algebra Systems such as Sage, Mathematica and TI-NspireCAS!
Audience: 9-12 + College
As you may have surmised, I do not use the SmartBoard simply to present a pre-packaged lesson.  The SmartTech trainers always brag about all the great features built into Smart Notebook.  They basically want you to use Smart Notebook to create power point like presentations outside of class and then simply click your way through the lesson in class!  I use the tablet in place of a marker board, pure and simple.  The class evolves as I present new ideas and students ask questions.  I say down with the canned lectures!  This way I record everything I say and write and store it online for student's use.  Also, I get to have a life!  Who has the time to make a ppt before every single class?  Anyway, if I need to go to a website or play a video in class, I can simply type it into a browser in real time - imagine the luxury....

Teaching with Technology, 

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