Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New to the Blog-O-Sphere?

It seems that some of my readers find this format a bit confusing and hard to follow. Actually nothing could be farther from the truth! Just keep in mind 2 things:

(1) The most current posts are always at the top of the blog. So as to keep the web-blog current, the postings are listed in reverse chronological order. That way, if you check the blog often, you only need to see the top 1 or 2 posts to keep up to date without having to wade thru a ton of stuff you already read! If you are new to the blog, you really need to start reading from the bottom and work your way up.

(2) Also, there are usually several threads in a web-blog. In my blog, there’s this “General” thread of course. However, there are currently three major threads in addition to “General:” LinuxClusters, ScientificComputing and SmartBoards. There may be more topics in the future, but right now there’s just the three! As stated previously, these topics basically cover all the activities I’m involved with relating to teaching and learning with technology. Now, if you want to follow only one of these threads at a time, simply click on the topic you want to the left of your screen. That way, you can read all the posts, again from the bottom up, related to one thread at a time so you don’t get confused with all the threads seemingly all intertwined!

Hope that helps,

A. Jorge Garcia, calcpage@aol.com

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