Sunday, May 10, 2009

ShadowFax Cluster Rant is finally online!

Welcome to my new blog space!

This blog will focus on issues related to teaching Math and Computer Science with technology (SmartBoards), learning Math and Computer Science with technology (ScientificComputing) and our Super Computer: ShadowFax (LinuxClusters)!


This year I did a lot of work related to "Modernizing the Mathematics & Computer Science Classroom." I've been researching different ways to use technology in the delivery of my calculus lessons. Most of this work involved SmartBoard software and hardware. Please see for related teaching materials! You may also be interested in some videos I use in class:


Next year, I'm proposing a lab to be added for my calculus students. The Calculus Research Lab (CRL) aka Scientific Computing Lab (SCL) or Computing Science Lab (CSL) will meet every other day, like a science lab. We haven't decided on the name yet! In this lab, students will use computers to help them learn, understand and retain mathematics concepts better. We will introduce scientific computing software such as Sage, Octave and R to help meet this goal!


My Computer Science IndependentStudy (CSI) students have been setting up clusters and working on cluster programming for several years now. Its about time we start to document what's been going on. Please see this year's results: Please see last year's results too:


A. Jorge Garcia,

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